Osaka Japanese Language School


Japanese instructor
Fukumoto Masaya

We understand how challenging living and learning abroad might be. At our school we provide full support to our students so that they can have a good experience and make the most of their stay in Japan.
Japanese instructor
Eiji Fujiki

Do not hesitate to ask us-teachers about anything. We are going to fully support you on your way to fulfilling your dreams.
Japanese instructor
Ryosuke Ito

I was teaching Japanese in Vietnam for two years. I know how hard living and studying abroad might be at first. My aim as a teacher is to show you the charm of the Japanese language and have some memorable fun classes with all of you.
Japanese instructor
Yuki Kimura

I hope you will study Japanese hard, and also have a lot of experiences during staying in Japan.
You would have a hard time, but also there are a lot of things to fun. Let’s study together and have fun with your life in Japan.
Japanese instructor
Maki Takahashi

The life in the different culture is not always fun, but I’m sure that the experiences you’d have can be useful in the future. We will support you to make the life of studying abroad in Japan will be the big step toward your future.
Japanese instructor
Madoka Yamashita

Japanese is a difficult, but interesting language.
And Let’s learn Japanese culture and our customs together.
Japanese instructor
Tsunenori Yamashita

You are worried about various things in the study abroad, but I will support.
Let 's enjoy study Japanese together.
Japanese instructor
Hazuki Okumura

You have anxiety but the teachers are very kind and helpful. You can make many friends here. Please you have various experiences as well as Japanese.
Vietnamese staff
Trinh Thi Van Dung

I think that overseas life is difficult, but you can grow through various experiences. Let's work hard together !!! We are always cheering for you. Even if it is hard, do not give up and get over.
I hope that everyone will succeed.
Vietnamese staff
Ngo Thi Oanh

All the teachers at our school are very friendly and nice. I hope that during your stay in Japan you will learn not only Japanese, but also Japanese culture and traditions, make a lot of friends and enjoy your time. We are going to support you in your studies and life in Japan.
Japanese instructor
Wu Xing

Since I’ve came to Japan 8 years ago, the most unforgettable experience is the life of studying abroad at the Japanese language school.
I will support you by using my own experiences.